Bruised Big Toenail

  • A bruised big toenail will appear as a black or red spot under the toenail. 

  • Don’t worry there is usually no danger or and usually no pain a couple hours later!
  • If there is pain then there may be pressure building up under the nail.
  • If it lasts more than a few hours or a day or two then you might want to go check it out.
  • Otherwise, just leave it alone and it will be fine!



Bruised Big Toenail Causes:

  • Injury to the toenail.
  • Light non-painful rubbing on the big toenail.
  • Jogger’s toe- overuse during running.
  • Shoes are too small.
  • Fungal infection.
  • Subungual melanoma (this is the only dangerous thing!).


Bruised Toenail from Running:

This can occur because you are running massive distances very quickly and your feet are just not used to the trauma. Many marathon runs have told me that they have lost a few nails over the years and it is nothing to worry about, they always grow back ,except it looks like a second nail is growing underneath their detached nail!



Bruised Toenail Healing Time:

  • The black toenail can eventually fall off and a new one will start growing underneath it.
  • If the nail doesn’t fall off the black spot will just grow out.
  • Toenails grow 1mm per month.
  • The average toenail is 9-16mm long.
  • So depending on the blackspot it can take 9-16 months to grow out, but usually less unless its right at the base.
  • Fingernails can grow 50% faster.
  • In the summer and with better health nails can grow faster.

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Bruised Toenail Bed:

If it looks like you may have a bruised toenail bed, then you should suspect a subungual melanoma to be taking place. This is actually a dangerous skin cancer that should be aggressively treated by your podiatrist or foot doctor! If you think your nail looks very unusual like there may be significant blackness or bleeding occuring, following this guide:

Guide to Black Toenail Streaks.





Bruised Big Toenail Treatment:

Treatment usually consists of just letting the nail grow out longer and making sure that nothing looks unusual. But there are some things that you can take a look at:

  • Get better shoes!
  • Get a stiffer sole and heel.
  • Use a Brannock device to measure your feet properly.
  • Stretch your calves.
  • Get your biomechanics assessed by a podiatrist.
  • Ice the toe.
  • Take anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Over the counter Powerstep orthotics for about 25$.


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