Bruising Under the Toenails

Bruising under the toenails occurs most frequently from light rubbing that creates friction and pressure under the nail. The nail ends up looking black or red. A black spot frequently develops that makes the nail look ugly, but have no fear there is no danger!

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What Causes of Bruising Under the Toenails

  • Traumatic injury.
  • Dropping something heavy on your toes.
  • Tight Shoes – Use a Brannock Device.
  • Short shoes.
  • Long toenails that need to be trimmed more often.




Bruised Toenail from Running

Bruising under the toenails is most commonly experienced in runners or people who wear improper shoes to an exercise class, or even new work boots on a long shift.  As the nail pushes against the front of the shoe it rubs against the skin underneath it even if it does not cause any pain. The micro-circulation under the nail ruptures and the space between the nail begins to pool with blood. This causes a black spot to appear.

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Bruised Toenail Healing Time

Bruised under the toenail heals in about the same time as any bruise on the body, but the black spot can take months to make its way out of the nail.

  • Toenails grow at 1mm per month.
  • Measure how far from the end of your toenail to the black spot.
  • Multiply this distance by the amount of months your toenail needs to grow.
  • For example: 3mm will take 3 months to grow out.
  • There is no special way you can make your nails grow faster beyond staying generally healthy and exercising.


What if the Bruising under the toenail causes it to fall off?

  • In most cases there is no risk of this happening, but if it does a new nail will grow out!
  • If there is pressure buildup, you may experience pain- in this case go see your podiatrist or foot doctor!



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