Green Under Fingernail or Toenail


Green Under Fingernail or Toenail: Getting a lime green spot underneath you your toenail or fingernail is not toenail fungus! It is a bacteria.



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Green Under Nail:


  • The only reason you toenails or fingernails should look like this is because you have bacteria.
  • This is due to a bacteria known as Pseudomonas.
  • Pseudomonas can get underneath your finger or toe nails through small chips or cracks.
  • This does not mean you are systemically compromised in anyway.
  • This is a non-threatening infection, but can look ugly!
  • This is not toenails fungus.



Green Under Fingernail
In order to get this dark or lime green discoloration, bacteria must get underneath your nail into the nail bed!


Causes Of Green Under Toenail:



  • Pseudomonas are a bacteria.
  • They love water, dirt and oxygen.
  • So you will find them in ponds, moist shoes, swimming pools and most other places.
Causes Of Green Under Toenail
The people most likely to get green under the fingernail or toenail are those with opening or cracks.



  • In order to get the bacteria to enter you toenail or fingernail, you must have some openings.


Green Under Fingernail or Toenail
Those most susceptible to green under the toenail have recently injured their toenail. This is most common in injured toenails or recent manicure with slightly cutting too far.



Green Nail Polish:


  • Frequent nail polish use makes you very susceptible for pseudomonas infection.
  • It makes your nails dry and brittle.
Green Under Fingernail or Toenail
Frequent and chronic use of nail polish can make your nails brittle and dry! This sets up a perfect opportunity for pseudomonas.


Risk Factors For Green Under Nail:


  • **Nail polish & frequent nail polish administration**
  • Recent manicure.
  • Recent pedicure.
  • Recent stubbing or injury of the toenail or fingernail.
  • Working with your hands.
  • Brittle fingernails.
  • Diabetes or smoking makes you more susceptible.


Green Nail Vs Toenail Fungus:


What a green nail looks like:

Green Under Toenail


  • It is not yellow, thick or crumbling into flakes.
  • It can range from dark green to lime green.
  • A green nail should be an otherwise healthy nail.




What Toenail Fungus Looks Like:



  • ┬áIt is yellow.
  • It is thick and crumbling.
  • There may be flakes underneath the nail.

Green Toenail Fungus

Green Under Nail Treatment Guide:

Green Under Fingernail or Toenail
Pseudomas under a microscope. The Cause Of Green Under The Fingernail.

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