Pain on outside of foot near little toe

Pain on outside of foot near little toe

The most common cause for pain on the outside of foot near the little toe is a tailors bunion. A tailors bunion means the bone that connects to your baby toe has shifted outward or has become inflamed.


Most common causes for pain on the outside of the foot near little toe

A tailors bunion can cause rubbing inside your shoes around your baby toe. This can create unwanted callous formation causing even more pressure. In most cases the tailors bunion starts of small and as you age the bunion gets more inflamed and tender. If you cause too much strain to your foot during activities such as running or exercise it is possible to obtain a fracture to your fifth metatarsal. As we age our feet take a lot of wear and tear. Doing daily things such as walking can cause arthritis. Arthritis can form in any bone in your body. Inflammation of the fifth metatarsal can be very painful as your feet hold all of your weight as you stand or do most activities.

  • Callouses
  • Tailors bunion
  • Stress fracture
  • Arthritis


There are silicone sleeves that can be placed along the outside of your foot to help cushion and prevent less friction. You want to avoid wearing shoes that are tight around the toes, such as high heels and shoes that have a pointy toe box. It is best to wear shoes that have mess or a wider toe box. You can ice the affected area up to ten minutes at time and three times a day may help relieve pain. If the pain is persistent seek out your podiatrist for the best treatment possible as surgery may bee needed. In some cases injections may also be an option for treatment as this can relieve pain and help shrink swelling.

  • Silicon sleeves
  • Avoid tight shoes
  • Ice up to 10 minutes up to three times a day
  • injections
  • surgery