Jones Fracture Healing Time

Jones Fracture Healing Time – These are notorious for very slow healing. It can take up to 6-8 weeks in a cast, then a good supportive shoe.

Jones Fracture:

A Jones fracture is a break in the base of the fifth metatarsal of the foot. You can feel it on the side of your foot right around the middle. This is a notoriously difficult part of the foot to heal because the Peroneus Brevis Muscle is always pulling it apart.

Hard to heal because:

  • Peroneus Brevis Muscle is always pulling it apart.
  • High rate of nonunion.
  • High Rate of Malunion
  • Not the best blood flow to this area of the bone.
Jones Fracture Healing Time
Jones Fracture Healing Time can take up to 6-8 weeks in a cast. Sometimes this may even require surgery or more.

Jones Fracture Treatment Home Tips:

  • Take calcium
  • Take vitamin D

Jones Fracture Treatment:

  • Jones fracture healing time can be slower without surgery.
  • Yet surgery is not always necessary.

If the fifth metatarsal base is not significantly displaced, it can be healed with casting. This is preferable for people who are older and have any medical history. This is how most people will be treated.

Why casting over surgery?

  • Casting is the less invasive method.
  • It has less complications
  • Treatment is faster with surgery.
  • This is the cheaper method.
  • Can also use a walking boot.
  • Transition into a surgical shoe after 6-8 weeks.

This method of treatment usually takes at least 6-8 weeks of wearing a cast or a walking boot. This is then followed by a couple weeks of a surgical shoe or a stiff shoe.

Any less and there is serious risk of nonunion or malunion. It is definitely tough to hear that you will be off your feet for this long, but the consequences are dire if it does not heal. Nonunion or malunion can lead to limping and improper mechanics for the rest of your life.

  • Jones fracture healing time is faster with surgery.

  • Yet there are pros and cons.

If you are a high level athlete or there is significant displacement of your fifth metatarsal base, the treatment of choice will be to put a 4.0mm screw down the shaft of your metatarsal. This involves a small incision on the side of your foot, so scarring is minimal.

Why surgery over casting?

  • Surgery is invasive.
  • More complications.
  • More expensive.
  • Faster healing time.
  • Usually reserved for athletes or displacement of the bone.

This method of treatment usually takes 2-4 weeks to be back on your feet in a surgical shoe. The first 2-4 weeks you would generally be in a cast until the incision site heals. This number differs based on the surgeon or the method of treatment used.

Good luck with your Jones Fracture Healing Time.

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