Sore Bump at the Back of the Foot and Heel


Treatment Guide

Here is the Detroit Foot Pain guide on how to handle a Haglund’s bump in 3 easy steps- after you complete step 1 move on to step 2 and then step 3.

Stage 1: Conservative Treatment

Stage 2:  Extensive Conservative Treatment or Surgery

Stage 3: Surgery


Make sure!

-Make sure that what you have been treating this entire time is actually a Haglund’s bump and not any other type of heel pain.

Other possible problems are achilles tendinosis, plantar fasciitis and a calcaneal stress fracture : Reasons for Heel Pain

Re-Consider Neurologic heel Pain, Inflammatory Arthritis, Tumors or any other causes


Surgical Options

If stage two has been unsuccessful for 3-6 months and you feel that you definitely have some boney growth occurring, it may be time to consider meeting with an experienced surgeon.

Surgery advocates partially detaching the achilles tendon, cleaning off the extra or abnormal bone and then re-attaching the tendon through bone anchors and suture; most recovery periods will comprise of 1-2 months or cast or CAM walker and then transition into a stiff soled shoe for the following few months.

Types of Surgery

  • Resection or Haglund’s bump
  • Resection of the overlying bursa
  • Endoscopic calcaneoplasty
  • Calcaneal osteotomy
  • Tendon resection and re-attachment

Recovery Time: Approximately 1 month non-weight bearing in a cast or a CAM walker and then 1 month in a stiff soled surgical shoe.