Bone on the Outside of the Foot Sticks Out

Bone on the Outside of the Foot Sticks Out

The bone on the outside of the foot sticks out is called the 5th metatarsal bone and it is the bone that connects your midfoot/rearfoot  to your 5th toe. This bone is the first bone in your forefoot to make contact with the ground during walking and run. It is very commonly injured during running and and ankle sprains, it can also develop a mini-bunion called a bunionette.


The bone can stick out in 3 places:

1) At the Outside of the Base of the 5th Toe

Bone on the Outside of the Foot Sticks Out


-This Bunionette can be treated at home and the pain could be removed by following the treatment guide provided by clicking on the picture, but surgery is the only way to remove the deformity and get your foot looking like normal. If you choose to control the pain at home you should get yourself some wider shoes, some over the counter inserts like Powersteps and correct and conditions that are causing poor foot biomechanics.

Learn More with this guide:

Pinky Toe Bunion Guide


2)At the Edge of the Outside Heel

There are 3 conditions that commonly occur at the base or styloid process of the 5th Metatarsal. A fracture of the 5th met base as shown above- this may require surgery or casting for a month or more; this really hurts and you are barely able to walk on the side of your foot. If it does not hurt

Bone on the Outside of the Foot Sticks Out


3)The Entire Outside of the Foot Hurts

Bone on the Outside of the Foot Sticks Out

-If there is pain across the entire outside of the foot then it may be nerve pain front any injury radiating if it feels like there is numbness, burning and tingling. But if you have been running heavily lately, or standing on your feet for long periods of time this may be a 5th metatarsal stress fracture.


4)Pinky Toe Pain



Other Outside of the Foot Pain Causes:


Skin Problems:

Calluses are thick patches of skin that appear in sites of friction against the shoe, the floor or any other part of the foot. The danger is a blister can form underneath the callus!

A corn looks like a little pebble that can form, they usually even occur with a callus around them. This can be exceptionally painful.

Follow our at home pain relief guides, how to trim your nails properly and even how to remove them permanently.

These occur from stubbing your toe, so learn how to deal with them properly! Is it broken or is it just bruised, find out with this guide.


Bone and Joint Problems:

This is when you toe looks really big and as if though its popping out at the base.

This is when you have a crooked or curved toe.


5th Metatarsal Pain:


Muscle & Tendon Pain: