Dorsal Foot Pain

Dorsal Foot Pain: There are 3 major causes of dorsal foot pain – dorsal compression syndrome, neuritis and a dorsal exostosis.


Most Common Causes Of Dorsal Foot Pain:


1) Dorsal Compression Syndrome:


  • Dorsal compression syndrome occurs when there is too much stress on the ball of your foot.
  • This is like sitting on a bench.
  • It compresses at the top.
  • This compression appears as dorsal bone pain & inflammation.
  • It stretches at the bottom.
  • This stretching and tension appears as plantar fasciitis.
  • Dorsal compression syndrome is usually due to a hypermobile foot.
  • This could be due to flat foot or tight plantar fascia & calf muscles.


Dorsal Foot Pain
Dorsal Foot Pain is usually due to the dorsal compression taking place in this illustration.



2) Top Of Foot Numbness Or Tingling:


  • The top of foot tingling is usually due to a nerve irritation.
  • This presents as numbness, burning, tingling and a sharp pain.
  • This is not a deep aching or throbbing type pain.
  • Nerve pain can take many days or weeks to heal.
  • The longer the nerve stays compressed or irritated, the longer it will take!
  • So make sure nothing is irritating or impinging the dorsal foot.


Dorsal Foot Pain
The nerves on the dorsum of the foot can easily be compressed and irritated. This is mostly due to shoes or a dorsal exostosis.


3)Top Of The Foot Bone Spur:


  • A bone spur on top of the foot forms due to abnormal friction and stress on the bone.
  • This is like forming a callus on your fingers.
  • If there is overuse, your bone will re-inforce itself and make it stronger.
  • This is a result of dorsal compression syndrome.
  • The midfoot bones jam dorsally.
  • After years this leads to bone spur formation.
  • This is called a metatarsal exostosis.
Dorsal Foot Pain
A bone spur forms most frequently at the 1st metatarsal cuneiform joint. This can further cause nerve compression.



4) Extensor Tendonitis:


  • The extensor tendons are responsbile for bending your toes up.
  • They also help lift your toes off the ground during pushoff.
  • These can become sore after a large amount of running.
  • Treatment involves rest, ice, compression & elevation.