Dorsal Compression Syndrome

Dorsal Compression Syndrome: This results in compression and inflammation at the top of the foot. It also causes stretching of the ligaments at the bottom!




What Is Dorsal Compression Syndrome?

Dorsal compression syndrome occurs when there is excessive strain placed on the arch of the foot.

  • The bottom of the arch becomes stretched.
  • This is one of the most common causes of foot pain in the world.
  • The top of the foot becomes compressed.
  • The top of the foot can form arthritis.
  • It can also caused trapped nerves that cause numbness, burning and tingling.


Dorsal Compression Syndrome
The top of the foot compresses and the bottom of the foot stretches due to opposing forces.



1) Symptoms of the Arch Stretching.

  • The stretching of the arch will cause plantar fasciitis.
  • This results in heel and arch pain.
  • This pain is the worst in the morning.


Dorsal Compression Syndrome
Dorsal compression syndrome causes stretching at the bottom of the foot. This is most common as arch pain and heel pain.

Treatment Of Arch Stretching:

  • Arch and heel pain is one of the most common foot problems.
  • It is very well researched and studied.
  • Due to this, 90% of people can now be treated with conservative treatment.

Follow our Home Treatment Guide:

Arch stretching foot pain
Treatment is based on decreasing pain, massage, stretching and arch support!




2) Symptoms of the Midfoot Compression.

  • This can cause both nerve irritation and arthritis.
  • Nerve irritation manifests as numbness, burning and tingling.
  • If you have a bony irritation and bump on the top of the foot, this is arthritis.


Treatment Of The Midfoot Compression:

  • The top of the foot pain is usually due to nerve irritation.
  • Nerve pain can be controlled very well at home.
  • In 1-2 weeks with this treatment guide, the nerve pain should disappear!

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top of the foot pain compression
Compression at the top of the foot usually causes neuritis, this can very easily be treated at home!



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