Top Of Foot Pain

Top Of Foot Pain?



Top Of Foot Pain: The most common symptoms seen are numbness, burning and tingling. Especially while running or walking!


Top Of Foot Pain
Click yes if your foot pain is on top of the foot.


Is Your Problem At The Top Of The Foot?

Note: Say no if it is anything but at the top.


Say Yes To Top Of Foot Pain If:

  • If the pain is at the front of your ankle or top of the foot.
  • If you have any bumps or lumps on top of the foot.
  • If you have numbness, burning or tingling.

Say No To Top Of Foot Pain If:

  • If the problem at your heel.
  • If the problem is at the bottom of the foot or the arch.
  • If the problem is at the ball of the foot.
  • If the problem is at the toes or toenails.



Top Of Foot Pain Causes:


Top Of Foot Numbness Or Tingling:

top of foot pain running
This top of foot pain becomes most obvious during running or walking. The nerves on top of the foot become compressed and irritated.


Top Of The Foot Bone Spur:

  • A bone spur on top of the foot forms due to abnormal friction and stress on the bone.


Top Of Foot Pain Running
Dorsal compression syndrome can cause a dorsal heel spur to form. This is felt the most during running. It can cause nerve pain on top of the foot.


Metatarsal Stress Fracture:

  • If you are a runner or started heavy walking. It is a slow aching pain.
  • This happens gradually over days or weeks.
Top Of Foot Pain Running
This most commonly happens during heavy running. Especially while training for a marathon.

Fluid Cyst:

  • Ganglionic cysts are soft masses across the top of the foot which are not immediately dangerous!
  • These are simply pockets of fluid that pouches out from the joints of your foot bones like a balloon.
top of foot pain when walking
A ganglion is a fluid cyst that can herniate out from between the joints. This is very common in the foot and hand.


Extensor Tendonitis:

  • Just like a nerve can get irritated on top of the foot, so can tendons.
  • Extensor tendons are the ones responsible for lifting your foot toward your shin.
  • They can become irritated from being over worked.
top of foot pain tendonitis
Top of foot pain due to tendonitis. This also occurs most commonly in runners. These are the muscles responsible for lifting your foot.