Second Toe Longer Than Big Toe

Second Toe Longer Than Big Toe: This foot structure does lead to increased foot pain. The big toe joint has a more difficult time contact the ground.


Second Toe Longer Than Big Toe:

  • This is known as the “Greek” Foot Type.
  • A longer big toe is known as the “Egyptian” foot type.
  • In most cases the toe length is not the problem, but the joint positioning.
  • It the second toe joint is further ahead than the big toe joint, this may lead to chronic foot pain.
  • This is a condition called Morton’s toe or Morton’s syndrome.
  • This is when the big toe bears less pressure due to a slightly shorter length.
  • This will eventually cause metatarsalgia foot pain.


Second Toe Longer Than Big Toe Symptoms:

  • This will lead to a more flat foot.
  • A flat foot occurs because the foot turns out more to be able to push off with the big toe.
  • This leads to hyper mobility of the 1st metatarsal.
  • This can lead to bunion formation.
  • This is also also leads to knee, hip and back pain.
  • Your knee and hip will bend slightly more.
  • This can lead to eventual back pain.



Second Toe Bigger Than Big Toe Causes:

  • This is most likely genetic.
  • It can also due to a condition called brachymetatarsia.
  • This simply means a shorter developed toe.



Middle Toe Bigger Than Big Toe Imaging:

  • The 1st metatarsal should be between 2mm longer or 2mm shorter than the 2nd metatarsal.
  • If it is longer, this can lead to lack of big toe joint motion.
  • This will lead to hallux rigidus.
  • If it is shorter than 2mm, this is morton’s toe.
  • This will lead to eventual metatarsalgia pain.




Big Toe Shorter Than Second Toe Treatment:

  • Conservative treatment is very effective for a second toe longer than the big toe.
  • The goal is to control the hyypermobile 1st metatarsal.
  • This is done through over the counter orthotics with a lift for the 1st metatarsal.
  • This helps the 1st metatarsal contact the ground easier, preventing outward rotation of the foot.
  • This lift is up to 1/4″ of an inch.
  • Studies show this alone is extremely effective in relieving the pain within a few weeks.


Second Toe Longer Than Big Toe Surgery:

  • This is usually not needed unless conservative treatment has failed.
  • This is a quick procedure that shortens the 2nd metatarsal.
  • 1 screw is then used to fixate the bone.
  • If there is a hammer toe present, hammer toe correction is achieved as well.
  • This surgery is usually done if there are other foot problems as well.
  • These include hammer, claw or mallet toes.




Second Toe Longer Than Big Toe Meaning and Myths:

Some Second Toe Longer Than Big Toe Meaning and Myths include:

  • AKA Royal Toe.
  • AKA Lamay’s Toe.
  • It is genetic, called the “Greek foot type”.
  • The genetic long 1st toe is called the “Egyptian” foot type.
  • Some say it signifies increased intelligence.