Sore Feet In Morning?

Sore Feet In Morning? This is one of the most painful and common foot problems. 15% of the entire world will suffer from this condition.


What Are Sore Feet In Morning?

Sore feet in the morning are due to a condition called inflammation:

  • Inflammation is an attempt by the body to heal itself.
  • Inflammation is the necessary first step of tissue remodeling.
  • If you damage & overuse your muscles and ligaments, the body attempts to repair them.
  • Morning soreness is the body not being able to finish healing in time.
  • This pain usually builds up over years or decades!
Sore Feet In Morning
Your feet hurt in the morning due to excessive stress on your bottom of the foot ligaments. They do not have time to heal over night and hurt in the morning.



Symptoms of Feet Hurting In The Morning:

  • Foot pain after sitting.
  • Foot pain after sleeping.
  • They hurt more after a long day of standing or walking.
  • Pain usually gets better after walking for 15-20 minutes or so.
  • Pain gets better with Aspirin or Ibuprofen.
  • Massaging the arches or heel makes it feel much better.
  • Elevating or icing the feet make them feel better.
feet hurt in morning
The plantar fascia is a ligament that is responsible for holding your foot against the ground rather than bending back toward your leg.




Causes Of Sore Feet In Morning:

Your feet hurt in morning because they are overused during the day:

  • As you walk on your feet, the muscles & ligaments become damaged and stretched.
  • Stretching your ligaments is like stretching an old elastic over and over.
  • Eventually it will start to crack and then eventually brake.
  • This happens to your foot tissue known as the plantar fascia.
  • This tissue develops small cracks & stretch marks that need healing.
  • This morning pain is your body telling you to walk less & let it heal!


Sore morning feet
Sore morning feet can be controlled by using a rigid over the counter orthotic. This takes the tension and stress off your plantar fascia.



Who Is At Risk For Feet Hurting In The Morning:

Anyone who puts more stress & overuse on their feet:

  • Overweight people.
  • Older people.
  • Flat foot people.
  • Less cushioned or supportive shoes.
  • No arch support.
  • Walking more barefoot.
  • Running more.
  • Standing on your feet all day at work.


Feet Hurting In The Morning
Feet hurting in the morning are more common in people with flat feet.


My Feet Hurt In The Morning Treatment:

Treatment usually consists of 4 stages:


1)Confirm pain is due to soreness in the morning:

  • Make sure this is what you have before starting treatment.
  • It is very annoying to lose time and money to treat the wrong thing.


2) Stop feet from hurting in the morning:

  • Getting rid of the pain is the #1 goal.
  • This can be done very effectively according to research.


Sore Feet In Morning
Ice and massage are an extremely effective initial treatment for sore feet in the morning.


3) Keep the feet from hurting in the morning:

  • Abnormal biomechanics or unusual stress on your foot is usually to blame.
  • It is essential that you control your foot biomechanics:
  • This is done through shoe selection, arch control, stretching & strengthening exercises.


morning foot soreness
A good orthotic is very cheap and will do wonders for relieving your morning foot pain!


4) Extensive therapy for morning foot soreness:

  • This is usually only needed in 5% of people.
  • Find out if surgery, steroid injections or ultrasound are necessary.


 Sore Feet In Morning
Controlling your foot biomechanics long term is essential to keeping the feet from hurting all over again.