Foot Pain In The Morning?

Foot Pain In The Morning: This pain is caused due to chronic inflammation of the ligaments in your foot. Treatment has 90% success, so don’t worry!




What Is Foot Pain In The Morning?


Foot pain ins the morning is almost always due to chronic inflammation.


  • Inflammation is an attempt to re-organize your foot tissue.
  • It onsets during sitting & sleeping.
  • This is when the “remodeling cells can do their work”.
  • These cells attempt to repair the “stretch damage” done throughout the day.
  • But as you get up and move around, your blood flushes them away.
  • This “soreness” is the body breaking down the tissue to try to rebuild it stronger.
  • But as you keep walking and standing every day, it never catches up!




Causes Of Foot Pain In The Morning:


This is almost always due to overuse & stress of the foot ligaments:


  • The connective tissue holding together the bottom of your foot is called the plantar fascia.
  • The plantar fascia becomes stretched throughout the day.
  • As you get older & heavier, your feet get flatter & more spread out.
  • This places more strain on the soft tissue at the bottom of your foot.
  • It essentially stretches out like an elastic everyday and does not have time to rebuild itself.




Who is At Risk For Foot Pain After Sitting Or Sleeping?


  • People with flat foot.
  • Heavier people
  • Foot shoes.
  • More in barefoot walkers.
  • More in people without arch support.
  • More in flatfoot people.



Is Foot Pain After Sitting  Dangerous?


  • Over time the condition becomes more an more painful.
  • It can limit mobility due to pain.
  • After decades a heel spur will develop.
  • This heel spur is due to the ligaments & muscles pulling on the heel.
  • The heel bone attempts to heel and create more bone.
  • But this bone is gradually stretched out & may make the condition worse.




How Common Is Foot Pain After Sitting Or Sleeping?


  • 15% of the people in the world have this condition.
  • This means almost 1 billion people alive today will have or had this condition!
  • It is perhaps the most common foot condition I see on a daily basis.
  • It is very well researched & very treatable.
  • There are many effective treatments.
  • The right treatment will have about a 90% success rate!




Treatment Of Painful Feet In The Morning:


1)Make 100% Sure Of Sore Feet In The Morning:


  • Confirm that your heel or arch pain is plantar fasciitis.
  • Make sure this is inflammation & not a tumor or broken bone.
  • Don’t spend your hard earned money or time battling something that you don’t even have!



2)Get Rid Of The Morning Pain & Hurt:


  • Stopping the hurting is the most critical step.
  • The correct treatment has been shown to be 90% effective.
  • Once the pain is gone, making sure it stays away is the next step.



3) Control The Painful Feet In The Morning Long Term:


  • Abnormal bio-mechanics or unusual stress on your foot is usually to blame.
  • Get some good arch supports.
  • Get the correct pair of shoes.
  • Make sure you do the right stretches.
  • Make sure you do the correct strengthening exercises.
  • Identify any chronic inflammation causing agents!



4) Extensive Morning Foot Pain Treatment:


  • This is usually only needed in 5% of people.
  • These options include surgery, injections & advanced options.
  • Find out which ones work the best & which ones do not.


5)Jump To the Actual Treatment Guide:


Only one thing left for you to do!




Plantar Fibroma Pain:

If your plantar fasciitis is so bad that you are actually having lumps develop in the center, watch this video!





Consider Achilles Tendonitis Pain:

If the back of your heel hurts in the morning, consider Achilles tendon pain!





Other Minor Causes:

  1. Plantar Fasciitis.
  2. Pain in the Heel Bone.
  3. Bottom Foot Pain in Arch and Heel.
  4. Pain in Back Heel of Foot.
  5. Painful Foot Arch.
  6. The Outside of the Foot.
  7. Sprained Arch.
  8. Cramps in the Arch.
  9. Bruised Heel.
  10. Stone Bruise.