Black Toenail Falling Off

Black Toenail Falling Off – The most common causes of a black toenail that is falling off are a traumatic injury and non-painful constant friction!


Why Is the Toenail Black?

The toenail becomes black because the underside of the the toenail plate is very rich with blood vessels. Once the nail is disturbed and loosened, these blood vessels rupture leading to the pooling of blood. The blood will stop eventually, but there can be increased pain due to increased pressure underneath the nail.


Consider the 4 most common causes of Black Spots On The Toenails:

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Will the Toenail Grow Back?

  • In almost all cases the toenail will grow back.
  • The under surface of the nail plate is needed to nourish it with blood, but the nail will regrow from the base of the nail.
  • The toenail will grow back at approximately 1 millimeter per month, this is very slow.
  • So if you lose the last 5 millimeters of your toenail, it will take approximately 5 months for it to grow back.
  • It is difficult to increase the speed of regrowth.
  • The most you can do to regrow you nail is simply to decrease the pain and swelling when it happens and protect the toe.


Three Common Causes:

The occurrence of a black toenail falling off is usually due to three common causes:


1) Traumatic Toenail Injury:


  • Severe pain and throbbing.
  • Obvious injury.
  • Dropping something heavy or hitting your toe really hard.
  • Black or red appearance.
  • Obvious bleeding.

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2)Constant Rubbing Due To Exercise:


  • Pain may be absent, mild, moderate or severe.
  • Gradually appears over time.
  • Most common in people with new shoes starting a new exercise routine.
  • Common in people starting to exercise after taking a long break.
  • Marathon training can usually cause this!
  • Black or red appearance.
  • It may even be loose without obvious blood.

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3)Toenail Fungus Causing Separation:



  • Pain may range from completely absent to chronic aching pain.
  • Very thick toenails.
  • Yellow, green or brown toenails.
  • Thick and crumbling toenails.
  • Very brittle and can break apart as you pick against them.


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