Why are My Toenails Peeling? [Peeling Toenails & Toenails Peeling Off FIX]

Why are my toenails peeling off? The most common causes of toenails peeling off are dehydration of a substance called keratin. FIX it FAST!

Why Are My Toenails Peeling Video:

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  • This will show why the top layer of your toenail is peeling and the home treatments!

Why are my toenails peeling?

  • Do you ask your self “why are my toenails peeling?”
  • Your toenails are composed of the substance called keratin. This substance is a fibrous protein and it also makes up the majority of our skin and hair. When her toenails are healthy and well moisturized, keratin keeps them strong and firm.
  • Our toenails and fingernails sometimes he will when there is external trauma or health issues that caused the outside layers of her toenails to peel away.
  • This type of trauma, dryness or health issues can cause something called keratin granulations. This could create small little balls of keratin to develop on top of the nail or around the skin surrounding the nail.
Why are my toenails peeling?
A major cause of peeling toenails is keratin granulations. These can cause your toenail to appear white and have peeling keratin on top.

What causes toenails to peel off?

These are the most common causes of toenails peeling off:

1)Toenail polish remover:

  • Most toenail polish removers are composed of acetone and formaldehyde.
  • Acetone and formaldehyde very commonly can cause the toenail to dehydrate and cause keratin granulations to happen on top of the toenail.
  • There are many toenail polish remover is that avoid ACE tone and formaldehyde, this would prevent your toenails from peeling off.

2) Toenail fungus:

  • Toenail fungus is also known as a onychomycosis.
  • Onychomycosis is nail fungus that attacks the keratin within her toenails and can make it brittle. The specific type that develops on top of the toenail is called superficial white onychomycosis.
  • This can cause white spots to develop on top of the nail and it can look like peeling is starting to develop.
  • Superficial white onychomycosis can make the nails appear as if there peeling, and this can create brittle and flaky toenails.
  • A deep penetrating onychomycosis can cause foul-smelling odor and toenail fungus to develop underneath the toenail.

3) Nutrition deficiency:

  • Another common cause of peeling toenails is an iron deficiency.
  • He can be more vitamin suggesting iron deficiency.
  • A lack of iron can make it difficult for her body to deliver oxygen to the farthest toes and fingers of your body.
  • This can try out the toenails, decreasing the moisture.
  • This can make it appear as if you are toenail is white and peeling.

4) Dehydration of your fingernails or toenails:

  • We frequently see peeling of the toenails and peeling of the surrounding skin in people who sweat a lot more get their feet wet a lot.
  • For example if you are a dishwasher as a profession, you would likely have peeling skin around her fingernails and your fingers.
  • This dehydration can cause keratin granulations in the peeling of the skin in the toenails to develop in your body.

Frequently Asking Questions:

These are most common questions regarding peeling of the toenails and skin surrounding the toenails.

Why is my toenail white and peeling?

The most common causes of toenails turning white and peeling are keratin granulations. The second most common causes superficial white onychomycosis. This means that the keratin protein that makes it appear toenails dehydrated.
This creates small little balls of dehydrated keratin on top of your toenail. This makes the top of the toenail appear white.

Why are my toenails soft and peeling?

As the keratin gets soft this can cause your toenails to appear soft and peeling. This is still just keratin granulations causing this type of pain.

How to fix peeling toenails?

Watch the above video above on how to fix peeling toenails. It goes over our favorite treatments on fixing peeling toenails and fixing skin around the toenails. This is a treatment option for keratin granulations. This will teach you how to take care of skin peeling around the toenails and toenails.