Hard spot on bottom of foot

The most common cause for a hard spot on the bottom of your foot is a callous formation to the skin. A lot of friction and pressure can cause causes the skin to thicken.

Hard spot pain

Callous formations creates unwanted pressure to the affected area. Very thick callouses may feel like you have a rock or hard object on your foot. Another hard spot on the bottom of the foot could be a wart. Warts also thicken and can cause discomfort if not treated. Along the bottom of your foot runs the plantar fascia. This tissues connects your heel to your toes and in some cases forms a growth called a fibroma. This growth in the plantar fascia can be very painful.

  • Callous
  • Wart
  • Fibroma


If you have a callous you can simply Shave or file it down. It is important to not remove a lot of tissue at once to not cause a wound or infection. This should not be done at home if you have heath conditions such as neuropathy or diabetes. Instead have your feet examined by a podiatrist. Warts and fibromas should also be seen by a podiatrist as to insure the best treatment. Depending on the wart your doctor would recommend the best technique and or medication to remove the wart. Fibroma pain can be relieved with proper foot wear such as orthotics in your shoes to give great arch support. If you still have pain even with orthotics steroid injections can help not only ease the pain but can even shrink the fibroma in size. Surgery may be required in more severe situations.


Callous, warts and fibromas are the most common causes for having a hard spot on the bottom of your foot. It is highly recommend to seek out your podiatrist if you experiences any foot pain. Your podiatrist will help you get to the cause of the problem and solution as soon as possible.