Heel Pain Inflammation

Heel Pain Inflammation: This is classically seen during the morning and while resting. It actually gets better while moving around. So learn what to do!


What is Heel Pain Inflammation:

This is my weird analogy, but I hope it makes this more understandable for you!

Inflammation in the heel is usually seen in periods of rest. This can be though of as periods where the blood is acting like a river. If it is flowing slowly, inflammatory cells called white blood cells can accumulate and irritate the tissues. Think of these as white blood cells as little boats in a river that start to pull out fish out of the water. If they fish too much for too long they can deplete all tissue from the river (which in this case is the tissue in the back of your foot).

If the blood flow is increased by walking around or any type of light exercise; the flow will start to flush the cells out and decrease the pain.  This happens within almost 15 to 30 minutes; No more pain!

That is until you stop moving around unfortunately, once you start resting and in the morning the pain is back!

Diagnosis of Heel Pain Inflammation:

  • Pain is worse at rest.
  • Pain is worse in the morning.
  • More of an aching throbbing pain.
  • Gets better with massage.
  • Gets better with icing.
  • Gets better with anti-inflammatory medication like Ibuprofen.
  • Worse while walking barefoot than in comfortable running shoes.
  • Worse while barefoot on a hard floor.
  • Worse after wearing sandals.
  • Worse after standing for a long period of time.

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Treatment of Heel Pain Inflammation:

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