Dry Feet?

Dry Feet: Dry feet can be red, itchy, flaky and cause peeling. As this gets worse it can create a rash and cause some serious pain!


Do You Have Dry Feet That Itch, Flake Or Peel?


Say Yes To Dry Feet That Itch, Flake Or Peel:

  • If you have itchiness, flaking or peeling.
  • Redness and possible rash cause my itching.
  • Cracks, especially around the edges of your heels.
  • Worse after showering.
  • Even if they have always been this way.

Say No To Dry Feet That Itch, Flake Or Peel:

  • Any lumps, bumps or discolorations.
  • Any infections.
  • Any toenail problems.
  • An Open Sore.


Dry Feet Causes:

Dry Feet Causes
Strongly consider athlete’s foot if you have toenail fungus or diabetes!
  • Unlike the rest of the body, the feet do not secrete oil. There are no oil glands.
  • For this reason feet are more prone to dehydrating.
  • When this happens the skin can become dry, itchy and flaky.
  • These are also symptoms seen in athlete’s foot fungus.
  • Studies show that the majority of chronically dry and itchy feet are athlete’s foot fungus.


Risks For Dry Itchy Feet:

  • Showering or bathing without moisturizing.
  • Harsh soaps.
  • Cold temperature.
  • Low humidity.
  • Older age.
  • Toenail fungus or diabetes: this frequently causes athlete’s foot fungus.
  • Athlete’s foot fungus is the #1 cause of chronic dry & itchy feet.


Symptoms Of Dry Feet:

Dry Flaky Feet
Dry Flaky Feet in this distribution are mostly likely chronic athlete’s foot fungus.
  • Dry peeling and flaky feet: If the skin is severely dehydrated it will start to fall flake off.
  • Redness, itchiness and possible rash.
  • Wet dry feet: this occurs after you shower, the feet become more dry.
  • Cracks can start to form, especially in the heel.
  • It gets worse after showering or bathing.
  • It gets worse during the winter months.
  • If toenail fungus, it is likely athlete’s foot fungus as well.


Dry Feet Remedies:

Dry Feet Remedies
A great remedy for dry feet is petroleum jelly. Make sure to apply it after getting your feet wet and before going to bed!
  • Control the risk factors listed above.
  • Moisturize very frequently!
  • Petroleum jelly is a cheap option that leads to great success.
  • Apply it after showers and before going to bed at night.
  • Avoid placing it in between your toes.
  • If petroleum jelly does not work after a couple weeks, see your podiatrist.


Home Remedies For Athlete’s Foot Fungus:

  • If you have toenail fungus, consider athlete’s foot.
  • Athlete’s foot can be cured by home remedies.
  • These include vinegar, vick’s vapor rub, listerine and tea tree oil.