Heel Spur Surgery Recovery Time

Heel spur surgery recovery time? Is Heel Spur Surgery even worth it? It can greatly depend on how your procedure was done. If it was performed in the minimally invasive fashion, you should be up and walking within about 6 weeks. Sometimes it can be a little shorter or a little bit longer.


Is Heel Spur Surgery worth it?


Heel bone spur surgery is WORTH it when:


  • You are having severe pain.
  • You do not have other major health issues slowing you down.
  • You are not doing it for just cosmetic reasons.
  • That is truly the only only thing causing you pain.
  • You have tried plantar fasciitis exercises and stretching and they did not work.
  • When you don’t have an urgent meeting or event to get back to within the next 4-6 weeks that requires you to be on your feet.



Is heel spur surgery worth it? What is the recovery time.
Heel spur surgery is worth it when you have tried excellent biomechanical correction and it did not really much effect. There is extensive high quality studies showing the effectiveness of this surgery, but it does work better after already trying great shoes, good inserts and the right stretching exercises!



Heel bone spur surgery is NOT WORTH it when:


  • There is something else causing you pain beyond your heel spur.
  • If you goal is to wear high heel shoes or flip flops. Your pain will only eventually start all over again and cause you severe pain in the future in other areas.
  • If you have gained a very large amount of weight quickly, this is not a solution for severe weight gain.
  • If you have not tried orthotics.
  • If you have not switched to sensible shoes.
  • If you have not tried plantar fasciitis exercises or stretching.
  • If you have not had a long talk with your podiatrist about other options.



Heel spur surgery recovery time
Endoscopic plantar fascia surgery will lengthen your plantar fascia. We have had very good results and faster healing time. There is very minimal incision making, sometimes only needing a few stitches. The overall suture time is 2 weeks or less and sometimes people are back in normal shoes soon after that. Other times depending on the patient it can be much longer. It can all really depend on your overall health and standing requirements at your job or at home.


Surgery for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spur Removal:


  • Surgery for plantar fasciitis and heel spur is essentially the same thing as heel spur removal surgery, just another fancy way of saying it.
  • Generally the heel spur does not need to be removed, it is usually the scarred plantar fascia tissue that needs to be removed.
  • Heel spur removal surgery has proven to not really be as necessary as simply lengthening the fascia.


Heel spur recovery time following an injection.
An injection when combined with great orthotics, shoes and stretching is still the overall best option. Surgery is only an option if all of these conservative options have already been tried.


Pros and Cons of Heel Spur Removal Surgery:


See one of our podiatrists to see the pros and cons of heel spur removal surgery.

We prefer the endoscopic plantar fascia release technique.

With the endoscopic plantar fascia release technique, the incision site is minimal, the risks are less and the overall results are much better overall.

Most patients generally do not require very long healing time after the endoscopic approach.


Pros of heel surgery for plantar fasciitis:


  • Very reliable procedure.
  • This procedure has been studied extensively over the decades with constant improvements and publications.
  • This is not the new and fancy procedure touting stem cells or PRP injections, but it is a proven effective treatment.
  • Is usually minimally invasive or performed through a scope for fastest possible healing results.
  • Good evidence backing up its effectiveness. There are many studies and many people that have had this done proving its effectiveness, it is not the new flavor of the month procedure.
  • Walking in a boot for up 6 weeks, then transitioning into a good supportive shoe.
  • If you are lighter and are in more of a sit down job the healing time could be much less!


Cons of heel surgery for plantar fasciitis:


  • Surgery is usually only recommended when shoes and orthotics fail.
  • Surgery carries risk factors, although these are generally low.
  • In a boot for up to 6 weeks.
  • If you are very heavy and plan on walking on hard surfaces for 12 hours a day, odds are something new will start hurting even if is not your plantar fascia.
  • You will have an incision site, although this is small, it is something that can get irritated and potentially scarred.
  • You still need to wear good shoes and orthotics going into the future to get really good results.
  • Surgery needs to be in the hospital and is usually expensive.



Heel Spur Surgery Recovery Time Protocol:

This is the rough guideline for most people:


Heel spur surgery boot
Using this boot will help keep pressure off your surgical site, this allows you to move around with much less pain, we generally will add an insert into this boot.

Day 1: Heel Spur Surgery Day:

  • The actually surgery takes well under an hour, and your foot is usually numbed up for the rest of the day.
  • You have pain medication for a few days depending on your pain level.
  • Some people don’t need any pain medication at all.
  • A dressing is applied along with a surgery boot that you can walk in.
  • Most physically able people do not need crutches or a walker unless they have other health issues.
  • Usually there are about 2 sutures in the foot.
Heel spur surgery icing and dressing
This is what your dressing will look like immediately after surgery. The best thing to do is to elevate it , keep it protected and get some rest!


Day 7: Heel Spur Surgery Postoperative Visit #1:

  • Within about a week, we have the first postoperative visit.
  • You have your first dressing change at this time.
  • With this dressing change some antibiotic ointment is applied, we make sure you are not having any problems at this time.
Heel spur surgery recovery time dressing.
The incision site will stay covered with the stitches in place following the surgery.

Day 14-21: Heel Spur Surgery Postoperative Visit #2:

  • This can fluctuate depending your overall health needs, physical fitness and life needs.
  • If you are able to rest more, weight less and are really healthy, sutures can usually come out at 2 weeks.
  • If you swell more and are more tender, they can stay in a little bit longer.
  • At this point your incision site should be healed.


Heel Spur surgery incision site
This is what the incision site will look like after the sutures are removed at 2 weeks or so.


What Can Speed Up Healing Time in Heel Spur Surgery?


There are many things that can make you heal much quicker.


A)How much do you weigh?


  • A 400lbs person may have a slightly harder time walking on his plantar fascia site than a 100lbs person.
  • Generally the smaller someone is, all things being considered equal, they can walk much quicker with better relief of pain.
  • The more athletic and strong you are in the rest of your body, generally the better you can keep weight off the heel while it improves.


B)How much walking do you need to do after a surgery?:


  • Someone who is a computer programmer clearly needs to stand or walk less than a nurse at a hospital for example.
  • If you have kids and need to check on them every 5 minutes, odds are you will be more sore after the surgery than someone who can sit and watch netflix all week.
  • The bottom line is, the less you walk on your feet, the faster they will heal immediately after the surgery.
  • This can sometimes make a 50% healing time difference based on our experience.


C)How healthy and physically fit are you?


  • People who can barely walk before surgery, generally have a hard time walking after surgery.
  • This means if you can’t support yourself on crutches or a knee scooter, you may be unable to walk after surgery without causing constant irritation to the foot.
  • Someone who is lighter, more physically fit will heal faster.