Is Flat Foot Surgery Worth It?

Is flat foot surgery worth it?  Flat foot surgery is very good at correcting obvious deformity and pain. The results are extremely the effective. Where the surgery is not effective is when you attempt to fix a cosmetic or non-painful defect in your foot. This is not a cure for extensive weight gain or wanting to wear six inch heels.


flat foot surgery before and after

Flat foot surgery is worth it when:

Flat Foot Surgery Pros:

  • Obvious deformity.
  • Collapse of the foot.
  • Inability to wear orthotics.
  • Inability to wear supportive shoes.
  • Cannot stand or walk for even short periods of time.
  • If you are otherwise healthy.
  • If you have no major medical concerns.
  • If you have realistic expectations, this means wearing good supportive shoes and orthotics in the future.
  • If you are willing to wear a brace or supportive shoes in the future.


Flat foot surgery is NOT worth it when:

Flat foot surgery Cons:

  • If you do not have severe pain.
  • If you are only doing it for cosmetic purposes.
  • If you do not have realistic goals.
  • If you are extremely overweight and do not plan on wearing supportive shoes or orthotics in the future.



Flat Foot Surgery Before and After:

This is a picture of flat foot surgery before and after pictures.

flat foot surgery before and after

Flat Foot Surgery Recovery Time:

The day of the surgery.:

  • Your foot will be numb for about 24 hours, then you will have to start taking some pain medication and relax for a week.
  • You will be sent home from the hospital that day, once you are feeling comfortable.
  • You will receive a walker, crutches and pain medication

Instructions to speed up Flat Foot Surgery Recovery Time:

  • Keep your foot elevated to minimize any possible swelling. This does help with pain.
  • You will see physical therapy once the sutures are removed.
  • Move around and put pressure only on the foot when you need to. Example: going to the bathroom.
  • Your dressing is to stay clean dry and in place, until changed by the Podiatrist.
  • Avoid smoking and taking anti-inflammatory medications as this may delay or even prevent the bones from fusing together


Flat Foot Surgery Recovery Time Followup Appointments:

Everyone differs, but this is the general followup schedule.

Two weeks:

  •  Incision will be checked, X-rayed and you will be fitted with a new plaster cast or boot

Six weeks:

  • Foot and ankle will be X-rayed and the cast removed. You will be given an insole or brace (support) to put in your shoe
  • You can start to walk around this time.

Three months :

  • follow-up appointment and review
  • Transition to a shoe at this time.

Six months:

  • final appointment and discharge
  • Close to final results now.


Flat Foot Surgery Recovery Time:

Depending on the procedures chosen by your podiatrist and your overall health, the recovery time may differ. At the quickest end of the spectrum you are walking immediately and back into a pair of shoes by 2-3 weeks. At the longer end of the spectrum, it may me a full 6-8 weeks in a cast.

0-2 weeks:

  • Fiberglass cast cast and be non-weight bearing with a walker or crutches.

2-6 weeks :

  • Transitioning from a cast to a removal boot and be minimal-weight bearing with crutches or a walker.

6-12 weeks:

  • Most by this time will be weight-bearing in good supportive tennis shoes with an insole or brace.

12+ weeks :

  • You should be able to wear your own shoes
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation


Flat Foot Surgery Cost:

  • Flat foot surgery cost is not considered a cosmetic procedure.
  • It has been proven to be just as essential as a knee of a hip replacement.
  • This is almost always a covered benefit with any major insurance plans.
  • Once you have met your co-pay requirements this will be a covered benefit.
  • Check with your podiatrist’s office to get specific details.


Surgery for Flat Feet in Adults:

  • Surgery for flat feet in adults usually requires more bone orientated procedures.
  • If the foot is not flexibile, fusion or bone procedure might be required.
  • If the foot is flexible, the healing time is usually quicker and you are walking sooner.


Surgery for Flat Feet in Children:

Surgery for flat feet in children should only be considered in extreme deformity.

We prefer not to do surgery on someone under 18 unless it is a severe deformity.

This would mean extreme or unusual pain beyond a normal range.

This would also a deformity like clubfoot.

Flat foot correction surgery:

Flat foot correction surgery is overall considreed a very proven and beneficial procedure.