Foot arch pain, not plantar fasciitis? [Inner Foot Arch & Inside of Arch Pain]

What can cause foot arch pain that is not plantar fasciitis? We review the most common inner foot arch pain & inside of the arch pain causes!

Inside of the arch pain that is not plantar fasciitis
Foot arch pain that is not plantar fasciitis can be very common, we review the most common causes and their solutions below!

Foot arch pain that is not plantar fasciitis

One of the most common causes of the bottom of the foot pain and inside of the arch pain is plantar fasciitis. But it is a mistake to assume that all types of bottom of the heel pain and inside the arch pain are plantar fasciitis.
Plantar fasciitis can be very painful and slow to heal the condition, and it can cause irritation, inflammation, and stabbing pain in the morning.
It can feel like it sometimes more than plantar fasciitis, and this can require rest, icing, crosstraining stretching, good orthotics, and good shoes.
I do not just pain all the blame on plantar fasciitis, and many other causes of arch pain are not plantar fasciitis.

Inside of the arch pain that is not plantar fasciitis


Heel pain treatment near me:

See us at her Michigan office if you think you might have a heel problem that is not plantar fasciitis.
We have a podiatrist that her double board-certified and specializes in treating biomechanical problems such as the bottom of the foot and heel pain.
We offer advanced treatments such as advanced injections, shockwave therapy, laser treatments, orthotics, custom orthotics, and great shoes.

Other causes of arch pain:

The most common causes of arch pain that are not plantar fasciitis:

Baxter’s nerve entrapment pain:

Is it feel like he has numbness, burning, and tingling developing in the bottom of your heel.
One common cause of arch pain and the bottom of the heel is Baxter’s nerve entrapment or Baxter’s neuritis.
This can be like plantar fasciitis but is much slower to heal and does not get better immediately in the morning. It can take place and hang on during the day and at nighttime as well.
This might be Baxter’s nerve entrapment if you have pain while resting on the couch and in bed.
Fall this length to treat your Baxter’s neuritis and nerve entrapment pain.

High arched foot:

A high arched foot or cavus foot can result in a high arch with a tight plantar fascia, tight tendons, and ligaments underneath the foot. These tight ligaments can become stretch and painful.
This can lead to conditions such as corns and calluses in the balls of the feet. He can lead to hammertoes, claw toes, and bunion pain.
A percent with a high arched foot type can develop many bottoms of heel pain, ball of the foot pain, and plantar fasciitis pain.
This can lead to pain in the shins and the calves and a high chance of stress fracture, especially in the top of the foot in the middle of the arch.
As podiatrists, we frequently see cavus feet and high arched feet that lead to arch pain and bottom of the heel pain. We have many different treatment options available such as shockwave therapy, laser therapy, pre-made foot orthotics at her clinic, custom foot orthotics, and shoe gear recommendations.
We also make videos to go overstretches, physical therapy, and other available treatment options.
If you think you have a high arched foot, see us at our Michigan office and let us help with your high arched foot pain.


There are two types of foot motion supination and overpronation. When your foot buckles outward, the ligaments and tendons on the arch can stretch and flatten out.
This can be known as something called overpronating the foot or overpronation of the foot. Both high arched feet and flat feet can overpronate; this is a motion of your foot.
Check your wear pattern at the bottom of the shoe; if your shoe wear pattern has rubbed on the back outside of the heel and if you have a full foot formation while you are walking at the beach, this may mean that you have overpronation.
Overpronation can also cause hip pain, lower back pain, knee pain and stretch the ligaments on the inside of your ankle and the bottom of the foot.
This can be related to plantar fasciitis and because the inside of your foot hurts.
Our podiatrists are trained to deal with overpronation foot pain.
We have modalities such as shockwave therapy, premade orthotics, custom orthotics, laser therapy, ankle braces, custom orthotics, and shoes.
We can also perform a biomechanical exam to see exactly why your foot is undergoing overpronation.
We had a great video showing overpronation treatment options; please watch it and see us in Michigan if you want to be a patient.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome:

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is and nerve that runs on the inside of your ankle.
Like carpal tunnel syndrome, you can have numbness and pain on the inside bottom of your arch. The tarsal tunnel is related to pressure on the nerve, and if the inside of your ankle and inside of your arch hurt, this might be a tarsal tunnel.
Comes here podiatrists for an evaluation we offer in the office ultrasound therapy, x-ray therapy, and muscular-skeletal evaluation of your tarsal tunnel syndrome. We can provide options to prevent any potential danger.

Research shows that tarsal tunnel pain can lead to more permanent problems if not address in time.
Tarsal tunnel syndrome can lead to weakness on the bottom of the feet and pain at the bottom of the feet. So do not meet with your tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Posterior tibial tendonitis:

A condition related to the inside of the arch pain, not plantar fasciitis, is posterior tibial tendon pain. This can lead to adult-acquired flat feet, and this is related to overpronation.
Younger children in healthy people can have flexible flat feet, leading to pressure onto the posterior tibial tendon. On the other hand, older people can develop arthritis that leads to extensive pain through the posterior tibial tendon with pain and tenderness throughout the site.
Sometimes this is associated with plantar fasciitis but is higher in the ankle and higher through the arch.
Our podiatrists are trained to deal with posterior tibial tendonitis pain daily. If you think you have posterior tibial tendonitis, see us immediately, and we can help you with treatment options for posterior tibial tendonitis pain.

Top of the foot pain: 

Arch pain can sometimes radiate from the top of the foot. Certain types of top-of-the-foot pain like extensor tendonitis and arthritis through the midfoot or Lisfranc injury can mimic arch pain.
If the top of your foot hurts, see our podiatrist for evaluation to ensure no stress fracture or an injury.

Stress fracture arch pain:

A stress fracture can sometimes radiate through the arch. It is a good idea to see a podiatrist get an ultrasound or an x-ray of your foot to make sure that a stress fracture is not developing in her foot.

Extensor tendonitis foot pain:

Extensor tendonitis can cause pain just above the arch in the foot.

If the arch and the top of the foot are aching, click on the link for extensor tendonitis top of the arch treatment. 

Inside of the Foot Arch Treatment Video:

Foot arch pain, not plantar fasciitis? [Inner Foot Arch & Inside of Arch Pain] Video Summary:

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