Toenail Falling Off

Toenail Falling Off

The toenail falling off is simply a separation from the nail bed. The nail is initially discolored, followed by loosening and pain. Learn how to grow it back!

Causes of a Toenail Falling Off:

From most common to least common:


1)Traumatic Injury:

Toenail Falling Off
Dropping something onto your big toenail or stubbing it!


  • Always preceded by hitting your toe or dropping something on it!
  • Pain.
  • Red or black under the nail bed.
  • Bleeding out the end of the nail.
  • Loose nail.


2)Constant Rubbing:

Toenail Falling Off
Tight shoes after a long run can cause bleeding under the toenails.
  • Long jogging, possible tight shoes.
  • Pain may not always be there.
  • Red or black under the nail bed.
  • Bleeding out the end of the nail.
  • Loose nail.


3)Fungal Infection:

  • Thick and flaky toenail.
  • Dry looking toenail.
  • Yellow or green  discoloration.
  • Usually no pain.
  • Usually no swelling.
  • Usually poor blood flow and/or diabetes.
  • Possible odor.


Toenail Falling Off
Toenail fungus leads to a distinct dry, crumbling yellow toenail appearance.

Fungal infections are a special case that needs added consideration:

Follow our Complete Guide To Toenail Fungus Treatment!




Will A Toenail Falling Off Grow Back?

  • In almost all cases except toenail fungus the nail will grow back by itself!
  • The nail grows back at approximately 1 millimeter per month.
  • This growth is very slow and it is very tough to make it grow back faster!



Home Treatment of a Toenail Falling Off:


Toenail Falling Off

If you have fungal toenails as described above, then skip straight to our fungus guide:

Follow our Complete Guide To Toenail Fungus Treatment!



If you have suffered a traumatic injury or constant chronic rubbing, continue reading!

Step 1: Understand the Injury!

Toenail Falling Off
Example: This toenail is only loosened by about 1 millimeter, thus it will be back to normal in 1 month. If the entire nail was loose, it could be 6-9 months!
  • Accept that the nail just needs to grow back!
  • It grows at 1mm per month; this means 6-9 months if the entire toenail has fallen off!
  • Unfortunately there is not too much that can be done to speed up the growth of the nail beyond leading a healthy lifestyle and getting lots of exercise and sun(basically anything that boosts your metabolism).



Step 2: Treat The Pain!

Toenail Falling Off
Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation… and then some anti-inflammation!
  • If the toe is really painful – apply ice for 15-20 mins until it starts to get numb.
  • Initially elevate the foot to decrease the pain as well.
  • Take some anti-inflammatory medication to prevent long lasting pain.
  • Put a band-aid on it so that it does not catch on anything!



Step 3: Trim and File the Nail!

Toenail Falling Off
Trim the nail after the pain is gone so that it doesn’t catch on anything later!
  • Once the pain is decreased, trim the nail so that it is no longer loose!
  • Trim all the loose nail, it is already detached and gone.
  • If it catches on a sock or bed sheets, you may re-injure it!
  • Use an emery board or pumice stone to trim the nail down.



Step 4: Prevent Infection:

Toenail Falling Off

  • Apply some antibiotic ointment cream ( neosporin and triple antibiotic ointment).
  • Do this for a week or two after the injury.
  • If the toe is getting red hot and swollen, you experience nausea, fever or redness moving up the toe or throbbing pain that lasts past the icing, anti-inflammatory medication and elevation then you likely have an infection.
  • Get yourself to a podiatrist or a emergency room as soon as possible.



Step 5: Protect the Toenail:

Toenail Falling Off

  • If you are going to continue running or working on that foot put some heavy duty duct tape or athletic tape over the band-aid.
  • If you are a runner or exercise, get some bigger or better shoes!
  • If you work construction, consider some steel toe shoes!



Step 6: Wait for the Toenail to Grow Back!

Toenail Falling Off

  • Unless you damaged the nail matrix(the base of the nail) then it should grow back every time.
  • Almost all grow back normally!
  • If there is matrix damage, the nail may curve more or be thicker- it is essential a scar of the nail bed.
  • Treatment at this point should be followup with your podiatrist!



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