Foot Pain in the Top of the Arch

Foot Pain in the Top of the Arch depends on whether you are feeling pain within the arch itself, or if most of the pain is at the top of the foot. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common sources foot pain in the world and it is felt at the bottom of the foot. There are many different causes of pain at the top of the foot. Please follow our guide to learn more.



Is the Pain in the Arch or on Top of the Foot above the Arch?

1)Foot Pain in the Arch

Pain occurring in within the actual arch is almost always due to a condition called plantar fasciitis, this is a ligament that runs across the bottom off your foot holding the front of the foot against the ground. This ligament can be thought of as almost a continuation of the Achilles tendon around the bottom of the heel that follows along the bottom of your foot and inserts into your forefoot.

The plantar fascia can very easily become overloaded and enter into a cycle of breaking down and healing itself called inflammation. This is one of the most common problems in foot medicine that a podiatrist must address and we have come up with a complete guide to get you through this pain!

Complete Painful Arch Treatment Guide


2)Foot Pain on Top of the Foot

Pain occurring at the top of the foot is not usually due to one very common condition like foot pain in the arch. Instead there can be very main smaller problems that are occurring. It is possible to have any of the following:


Bone Spurs, Stress Fracture, Nerve Entrapment, Ball of the Foot pain, Extensor Tendinitis, Tight Footwear, Sprains of the Mid-tarsal joint, Ganglionic Cysts, Pregnancy, Ingrown Toenails and Hammertoes.

Foot Pain on Top of the Foot Guide


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