Pain On Top Of The Foot When Walking

Pain On Top Of The Foot When Walking: Find out the most common causes of foot pain while walking. Then learn how to treat it!



The Most Common Causes Are:

1)Plantar Fasciitis – Entire Arch Pain.

  • This is by far the most common pain in the arch of your foot.
  • 15% of all people around the world have it.
  • If it feels painful in the morning & painful after walks, this is the first thing you should consider.
  • Plantar fasciitis is usually related to flat foot & is due to the stretching of the tissues in the middle of your foot!



2)Metatarsal Exostosis – A hard bump.

  • This is when you have a large bone bump on top of your foot.
  • This large bump can compress against the top of your shoe.
  • The two bones also abnormally grind together while you walk causing pain.
  • This will likely have already caused arthritis over the years in your midfoot.
  • But there are still many ways to make it feel much better & like it never happened at all!


2) Nerve Irritation – Numb and Tingling.

  • There is a nerve that runs across the top of your foot.
  • If it rubs against the top of your foot & compresses over time, this can lead to nerve pain.
  • Nerve pain is burning, numbness & tingling.
  • This nerve pain can be severely reduced & treated.



4) Sprained Top Of Foot.

  • A sprain in the top of the foot or the arch is called a Lisfranc sprain.
  • In most cases it is usually only a sprain that lasts a couple days to a couple weeks.
  • If you sprained your midfoot, learn how to fix it!


5)Ganglionic cyst – A soft bump.

  • A ganglionic cyst is a fluid filled sac on top of your foot.
  • This develops as joint fluid from between the foot joints.
  • It is mostly harmless but needs assessment by a podiatrist!