Heal Toenail Fungus at Home


Heal Toenail Fungus at Home with our treatment guide that reviews and shows you how to use the top home remedies! We will guide you every step of the way!

Heal Toenail Fungus at Home
Heal Toenail Fungus at Home

Watch or Read This Before Spending $$$ on an Expensive Cream:

Yellow and deformed nails are different from nail fungus. This is very important, so I’ll say it again! Nail fungus usually shows up after you already have yellow and deformed nails! Dr. Bakotic, the leading foot and toenail dermatopatholigist states in recent medical studies that in 70% patients, the nail was thick and yellow before fungus even got there!


Heal Toenail Fungus at Home
Heal Toenail Fungus at Home


2 Things Need to Happen to Get Toenail Fungus

1) There needs to be some microtrauma to the toenail.

In a normal toenail, the fungus should not be able to get in. But if you have chronically irritated toenails, a callus begins to develop around and underneath your nail. This may be due to a traumatic accident or it may just be chronic light irritation. This can lead to callus that is thick and yellow, with little microscopic cracks in it that allow the fungus to penetrate.

Go to our Nail Fungus Center to find how to stop this microtrauma!

Steps of fungus invasion:

  • Chronic irritation of your toenails (heavy walking, flat foot, bunions, hammer toes, swelling, high heels etc).
  • Leads to a callus under the toenail.
  • The nail is less firmly attached.
  • There is less blood flow to the nail.
  • The nail is more yellow and flaky because it is poorly attached and has less blood flow.

In most people, the callus eventually heals and fungus is still not allowed in, but if you have systemic problems causing a depressed immune system, you can develop total dystrophic nails (complete invasion of fungus).


2)Decreased blood flow = decreased immune cells.

Fungus is almost everywhere, and its difficult to shield yourself from it. If have healthy toenails with good blood flow this won’t bother you, but if you can’t stop the fungus you are in trouble!

Go to our Nail Fungus Center to find how to stop this microtrauma!

Systemic Factors that Prevent Healing of Fungus:


Heal Toenail Fungus at Home

Now that you understand that you must correct your microtrauma and improve your immune response, get to our complete Nail Fungus Treatment Center.  We have free reviews and postings of when you should heal toenail fungus at home, or when to go to the podiatrist. We discuss the best treatments and I give my own personal ratings on what I think is best based on current scientific studies.

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Good luck with your toenails!


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