Toenail Falling Off Running



Toenail Falling Off Running – Learn why you should not panic! This guide will help you prevent this from happening and help you grow your nail back!




Toenail Falling Off Running Presentation:


Who is most susceptible:

  • It is usually not a disease! Although fungal toenails are possible (not likely if you are healthy).
  • Seen in people who have taken some time off and are starting to run again.
  • People who have just recently bought a new pair of shoes.
  • People who are heavier.
  • People with a more flat foot.
  • People who’s toes rub against the front of the shoe.
  • The start of a new exercise class.
  • People who are running extremely heavy miles. MARATHON RUNNERS!!!!
  • The craziest group: Ultra marathon runners basically expect to get them.



Should You Worry?

  • No! This is common.
  • The toenails will grow back over time.
  • This is a very common occurrence in running, wear it like a badge of honor.
  • The toenails will grow back over time.
  • Toenails grow approximately 1 millimeter per month.
  • Measure your toenails and see how long you have to wait for it to regrow.
  • If the toenail is 5 millimeters loosened from the end, you will have to wait approximately 5 months!


Toenail Falling Off While Running Causes:

  • The most common cause is shoes that do not fit properly!
  • Shoes are not all built the same.
  • One pair of Nike can be size 11 and be the same as a size 12 pair of New Balance.
  • The width can differ and the the site of width expansion can also differ.
  • Weight can also be an issue


How To Fit Your Shoes Properly:

Toenail Falling Off Running
Brannock Device – Measures your Foot Length, Arch Length and Foot Width!

A) Use a Brannock device to measure three components of your foot size.

  • 1)Foot Length: This is how long your foot is from heel to toe.
  • 2)Arch Length: This is how long your foot is from heel to
  • 3)Foot Width: This is how wide your foot is.

Make sure you measure each of the three once a year, your foot does change after you are no longer a teenager!


B) Fit your shoes at night.

  • Your feet swell more throughout the day.
  • You can gain approximately 1/2 size throughout the day!
  • Always make sure your shoe is a 1/2 inch longer than your longest toe.



Consider Fungus as a Contributor:


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