Toenail Pain [Toenail Fungus, Ingrown Toenails, Discolored Toenails]

Psoriasis Of The Feet Treatment [Symptoms & Best Treatment]

Psoriasis of the feet can cause #1) thick skin, #2) redness & inflammation as well as #3) toenail psoriasis with nail pitting! Treat It NOW!

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What Is Psoriasis:


Bright Future For Psoriasis Of The Feet:

  • There Is No Cure, But There Are Amazing Treatments.
  • They are getting better every year, in fact over the past 10 years research is showing drugs that display a decreased toxicity while achieving better results.
  • Combine these systemic medication innovations with topical creams and UV therapy – The future is very bright!


Psoriasis Of The Feet Treatment:

  • The medical plan is to use topical or photo(light) treatment along with a systemic medication.
  • In this guide I will focus on home treatments that should be used for non-severe cases of psoriasis.
  • Always see your podiatrist or dermatologist for more Severe Cases!


Home Treatment

1) Moisturizing Is CRUCIAL!!!!

  • Petroleum jelly is the cheapest, but any moisturizing lotion (Aloe or Cocoa Butter etc) should work.
  • Oils: vegetable & mineral etc- have been reported to work as well.
  • Try to avoid the cheap versions if they irritate your skin (if there is harsh chemical it might make things worse!
  • Apply it at night and cover it up with some socks on so it doesn’t get into your bed sheets. This will soften your skin all night so that it is soft and less painful in the morning.
  • Plastic wrap works great to hold the moisture in as well (but too well for the entire night). Use this just during the day.
  • The more times you do this, the easier it will be to remove the hard skin later.
  • Warning: It is important to not get the lotion in between your toes, this could cause peeling.
  • Combine this after a foot bath for boosted effect!


Always Moisturize After Using Soap!

  • Soap dries out the skin.
  • Always make sure to moisturize after getting your skin sweaty, taking a shower & especially when using soap!
  • This will soften the thick skin and prevent it from appearing!


Soak The Hard Skin:

  • Use warm water (but not hot) and mix it in with some epsom salts (1/2 cup or as directed for you volume of water).
  • Epsom salts are not the most medically backed option, but they do soak more water into the outer skin and make it softer.
  • Do this while watching TV for 20-30 minutes or so.
  • Moisturize with the step above overnight for added effect.


Use A Pumice Stone or Emery Board!

  • Get an Emery Board or Pumice Stone.
  • After the skin is softened for a couple days, gently debride it.
  • Stop when you feel pain, but usually you won’t feel a thing until it gets very deep to normal skin
  • Never use something sharp at home.
  • Don’t do this if a diabetic or you have decreased sensation!

Synthetic Socks:

  • Cotton holds sweat and water, dehydrating your skin.
  • Think about synthetic socks if you spend a good deal amount of time on your feet.


If Itching and Irritation, Use 1% Hydrocortisone:

  • This is a great cheap anti-inflammatory agent.
  • You can get it at most corner stores for about 5$.
  • Use it for cases of itching and irritation, but don’t use it everyday.
  • If this doesn’t help, go see your podiatrist for the stronger stuff.


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Toenail Pain [Toenail Fungus, Ingrown Toenails, Discolored Toenails]