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We are the largest foot & ankle wound care center in Livingston County (Howell & Brighton Michigan) for lower extremity wounds.

How to make a Diabetic Wound Heal Faster:

  • Brighton Mi Podiatrist Dr. Tom Biernacki discusses how to make a diabetic ulcer and wound heal faster.
  • The four keys include keeping weight off it, great blood flow, ruling out infection, and getting your diabetes under control.

What Doctor is Best For Wound Care?

  • There is no doubt that the best way to care for your diabetic foot and leg ulcer is with a team of podiatrists, endocrinologists, infectious disease doctors and internal medicine doctors.
  • Studies have shown that working with podiatrist can dramatically speed up the amount of time that is required to heal your diabetic foot ulcer.
  • Just remember the main thing is that is not normal to live with foot ulcer, learn how to get this thing cured as quickly as possible!
  • Put your trust in us in Howell Michigan, Brighton Michigan and Ann Arbor Michigan.
osteomyelitis of the heel with open wound achilles rupture
Osteomyelitis of the heel with open wound achilles rupture. This is a severe wound of the back of the heel that will require hospitalization to treat.

How to treatment ulcer: the four basics:

  • Improve your blood flow:

Dr. Tom Biernacki states that working with a podiatrist and a vascular specialist is the best way to get your blood flow improved your legs. Seeing a podiatrist regularly will help you screen the blood flow down to your leg, at this point if you are having a problem with your blood flow, we would work with a vascular specialist to perform one of two procedures for you.

Some more advanced imaging can be performed with an endovascular procedure, or you may even be a candidate for a more advanced surgical procedure to restore blood flow down to your feet. If you don’t have any blood flow, there is absolutely no way that your body will even try to heal. So, make sure that your blood flow is there!

big toe joint ulcer and big toe joint wound

  • Get your diabetes under control:

If your blood sugar is anything higher than 80 to 120, this is another hurdle that you must get under control. Sometimes we see patients with blood sugars over 300 trying to heal their diabetic foot ulcer. There is absolutely no way that you can heal foot ulcer without getting your blood sugar down to normal levels. There is also something called hemoglobin A1c, if this is elevated, this means that your average blood sugar over the past three months has been raised. It’s all about the long-term average!

Simply having your blood sugar down for one meal is not going to help dramatically, it must be for the lifespan of your red blood cells and over the past few months to get some great results. So, if you have good blood flow, and if you have your diabetes under control than there is a good chance you can start healing your ulcer. It is 100% necessary to get your blood sugar as normal as possible to have any chance of healing your ulcer.

  • Make sure you don’t have an infection:

Dr. Biernacki states:” This is where podiatrists can work with you to make sure that you rapidly start to feel better.” If you have an infection there is a 0% chance that your diabetic ulcer can heal. The first thing we do is get a culture taken. By taking a culture over the next few days we grow bacterial colonies and see which antibiotics work best at eradicating these bacteria.

By getting a culture, we can laser focus our antibiotic towards the bacteria that is growing for you. This will easily get you feeling better and is another hurdle to get your wound to start healing.

Wound Ulcer Measure Wound Care

  • Take pressure off the diabetic foot ulcer:

Dr. Tom Biernacki states “Once you meet the first three criteria, great blood flow, no infection, and controlling your diabetes, the only thing left is to take pressure off the wound site and let it heal.” Don’t fall for all the expensive gimmicks and wound care products. There is no doubt that all this stuff can help, but it is all extra stuff, once you follow the four principles -your diabetic foot ulcer will heal without a problem unless something extra is going on.

At our foot and ankle clinic, we see thousands of foot and ankle ulcers per year, almost all of them can heal by following these four principles, but is not always that easy and people may benefit from extra wound care supplies, and sometimes the aid of surgery. With diabetic foot and ankle surgery, we can sometimes do very straightforward muscle and tendon balancing procedures to take pressure off your foot.

But most of the time surgery is not needed, the easiest way to take care of these problems is with a good ankle foot orthosis, good ankle foot orthotics, and excellent use of diabetic shoe gear.

Studies show a foot expert is best for healing your foot and ankle wounds:

  • So, come see Dr. Tom Biernacki in Brighton Michigan, Howell Michigan and Ann Arbor Michigan to start taking care of your foot and ankle.
  • The studies overwhelmingly shown that a podiatrist is a crucial member of your healthcare team working with her primary care doctor and vascular specialists.
  • The best choice for foot and ankle specialists for your our podiatrists so, see one today if you are having any foot and ankle problems, or if you are diabetic.

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