How to Fix Severe Toenail Fungus!


Fix Severe Toenail Fungus by treating the infected and damaged nail bed! If you do this the nail plate will eventually take care of itself!


How to Fix Severe Toenail Fungus!

Toenail Fungus Attacks the Nail Bed


Can Severe Toenail Fungus be Cured?

Yes but not by just topical medication! Many people with toenail fungus are never able to successful treat their toenail fungus. It is unfortunate because they desperately try every home remedy and buy expensive topical creams that state they are a miracle cure. But nothing ever works out. This is because they are treating the symptoms of the disease and not the cause. The toenail must become weak and the nail bed must be damaged before the fungus ever enters into the picture. According to current scientific literature, less than 30% of all deformed and thick nails were initially caused by toenail fungus.

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Thick and Severe Toenail Deformity is caused by the Nail Bed

In the majority of cases, something causes irritation of the skin underneath the nail. The blood vessels disappear over time due to inflammation and are replaced with a thick yellow callus. This is why the nails become yellow, because when you look through them you see a yellow thick callus and not the pink blood vessels that should be there. This creates a space under the nail plate and above the nail bed. Only now can fungus enter.


Kill the Fungus and a New Fungus will Replace It.

If you attempt to eradicate the fungus, it won’t help because the space underneath the nail will still be there. Eventually a new strain of fungus will just enter through the cracks in the tissue and continue to inflame and irritate the area under the nail. This opening and cracking under the nail is initially caused by microtrauma or a systemic disease.


Most Common Causes of Microtrauma:

  • Hallux Limitus.
  • Tight Shoes.
  • Very Long Toenails.
  • Flat Foot.
  • Poor Biomechanics.

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Most Common Causes of Systemic Disease:

  • Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease.
  • Poor blood flow due to smoking.
  • And Many more.


Stop Foot Fungus As Well:

Foot Fungus if not stopped can also just as easily crawl up your leg and re-infect you!

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