Bruised Toenail Falling Off


Bruised Toenail Falling Off. This home treatment guide will tell you how to get your toenail to grow back, and how long it will take!


Will The Toenail Ever Grow Back?

  • Yes!
  • It will almost always grow back as long as a stem cells that grow the nail deep in the tissue were not ripped out!
  • Long term damage is highly unlikely as these growth cells are very well protected deep near the bone of the toes.
  • But prepare yourself, this process could take a very long time for your toenails to start growing back to normal!


How Long Until The Toenail Grows Back?

  • The toenail will grow back at approximately 1 millimeter per month.
  • This means you will be waiting a long time!
  • If your toenail is 10 millimeters long, then you could be waiting approximately 10 months.
  • If just the tip of your toenail is damaged then the wait will be much shorter in duration.


Bruised Toenail Falling Off Causes:

The three most common causes are, follow these causes to find out how to treat them:


1)Traumatic Toenail Injury:

The most common cause of this type of injury is due to dropping something heavy onto your big toenail!


  • A massive amount of pain!
  • Obvious cause such as blunt force trauma.
  • Bleeding and swelling.
  • Black or red toe within thirty minutes.

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2)Constant repetitive friction and rubbing:

This is most likely caused by a new pair of shoes during heavy exercise. This is also very common in people just starting a new exercise class or training for a marathon.


  • Pain may be present or absent, so don’t be alarmed if it’s not there..
  • The bruising may appear gradually.

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3)Toenail Fungus causing nail loosening:


This can occur if you have thick yellow and crumbling toenails.

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