Toenail Jam

Toenail Jam – There are two types of toenail jam. There is the type that gets stuck between your toes, and the type that gets into the corner of your nail!

Trust me on this one, I  went to medical school for this!




What is Toenail Jam?

Toenail Jam is the stuff that gets caught up in between your toes and under your nails. It is most common on a hot sweaty day when you are wearing cotton socks. They get bunched up and it all gets underneath your nails and in between your toes.

So officially there are two definitions:

1)The dirt and lint that get bunched up with your sweat. These get stuck in ball shapes between your toes and need to be cleaned out.

2)The dirt that gets moist and gets stuck in the corners of your toenail.

Just think of it as a big ball made up of lint and dirt combined with your natural delicious sweat!


Not to be Confused with Toenail Cheese!

Toenail cheese is the hard stuff that gets underneath your nails that is not just dirt. This would be all the thick crumbly stuff that makes up nail fungus.

Learn more about Toenail Fungus!


When to see Toenail Jam:

You shouldn’t see to much toenail jam unless you spend a good deal amount of time in dirty or dusty areas. If you are getting an excessive amount of it you may want to think of toenail fungus or athlete’s foot.

1)Toenail Fungus

2)Athlete’s Foot – Itchy Skin


Other things that were Toe Jam:

1)Toe Jam and Earl- was a video game for the Sega Genesis

Relevance: Low.

2)In rock climbing. This is a technique where you jam your toes into a crack in the rock, some experts argue that this was in fact the first usage of the term “toe jam”


Good Luck with your Toenail Jam dilemna!


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